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Rescue + Mobile for Android


*ONLY DOWNLOAD IF DIRECTED TO DO SO BY A SUPPORT TECHNICIAN YOU TRUST*The Rescue + Mobile applet for Android allows support technicians to troubleshoot a problem you are having on your Android device. To use this application you must be receiving support from a technician who is using LogMeIn Rescue and will provide you a pin code to start the session.Technicians have the ability to chat, transfer files, view system diagnostic information, pull and push APN configurations (Android 2.3), push and pull WiFi configuration, and more. Remote control is available on the latest devices from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, Sony, Vertu, Kazam and more.
For more information or for a free trial of LogMeIn Rescue visit our website:
How to use:1) Install the application2) Launch the application from your Applications folder3) Enter the six digit pin code given to you by your support technician4) Allow your trusted support technician to connect to your device